Samsung has decided to pull out of the megapixel race

Samsung has decided to step out of the megapixel race between smartphone manufacturers and return to a more rational approach. The company will no longer blindly focus on upgrading megapixels.

So to speak, ” megapixel craze ” is happening in the world of smartphones . Leading manufacturers in the industry are competing with each other to offer the highest megapixel in their devices .

However, you will appreciate that simply increasing the amount of megapixels is not enough to increase the photo quality . We have seen many times that many smartphones equipped with high resolution cameras cannot provide much advantage over their competitors .

No more blindly increasing megapixels

Ice Universe , one of the trusted sources of information in the mobile industry , says Samsung has decided to step out of the megapixel race and return to a more rational approach. So the company will no longer try to ” blindly ” increase the amount of megapixels.

The South Korean giant will instead focus on the balance between pixel size and sensor resolution . We have previously heard that Samsung has developed 200 or even 600 megapixel cameras for its smartphones . The fate of these sensors is unknown.

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