Samsung builds two new factories: $ 45 billion budget allocated

Samsung plans to build two new manufacturing facilities in the United States and South Korea. The company will spend approximately $ 45 billion on new factories to be established.

Last January, there were reports that Samsung was planning to establish a new factory in the USA . According to the latest information, the company will announce its investment plans for the US and South Korea (Pyeongtaek) next month . It is reported that Samsung will spend $ 44.74 billion on new production facilities to be built in these countries .

In particular, investments for the construction of the second facility in the United States are estimated at $ 17 billion . The factory can be set up in one of the Texas , Arizona or New York locations. Possible options also include the city ​​of Austin, where the company’s first factory is located .

US factory to start operating in 2023

Construction of the new Samsung factory, which is planned to be established in the USA, will begin this year . The company will install all the main equipment of the facility in 2022 and start production in 2023 . The South Korean giant filed an application last October to buy 258 acres of land near its Austin facility. There is not much information about the factory to be built in South Korea yet.

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