Samsung announces first ZNS SSD model

 ZNS technology, which groups the data according to the type and access frequency and places it on the disk, can find a place for itself in many different brands of SSD drives in the next period. 

As the undisputed leader of the SSD market, Samsung, on the one hand, is developing innovations to improve performance, on the other hand, it is developing new methods for the drives to last longer. ZNS is one of them. 

What is ZNS SSD?

The technology called Zoned Namespace (ZNS) , which Samsung has been working on for a long time, deals with how data is placed on the drive. The system groups the data according to the usage type and access frequency, and stores these groups in the SSD area consecutively in independent regions. 

The number of write operations is also significantly reduced, as there is no need to move and reorganize the data. The ratio of a drive’s actual write operations to the first commands initiated by the system also approaches one. In traditional NVMe SSD drives, this figure is 3 or 4. In other words, ZNS SSD products last up to 3 or 4 times longer and help protect the environment. 

ZNS technology will first come with the PM1731a driver. The 2.5-inch drive offers 2TB and 4TB capacity options. The dual-port drive is expected to handle data-heavy and critical operations on the enterprise side. 

Samsung will also share its ZNS technology to the xNVMe platform, which works for the efficiency of NVMe devices, and will also support the storage development kit – SPDK initiative created by Intel. In the second half of the year, studies will also be carried out with global storage solution companies. 

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