Ryzen Raphael processors with Zen 4 architecture may arrive in the 4th quarter of 2022

It looks like AMD’s Zen 4-architecture processors will arrive a little later than expected. While the reason for the delay of models is unknown, this will leave Alder Lake unanswered for a long time.

The new post by Twitter user who previously shared AMD’s roadmap points to a delay in new chips.

Raphael to procrastinate

There is apparently a slight change in the roadmap of AMD, which is allegedly prepared for the beginning of 2020. The Zen 4 architecture Raphael processors, which were previously expected to arrive in 2022 , will be delayed accordingly, on the 9-10 of next year Between 10-11 months after being introduced. will be available per month.

In this case, while Intel will switch to DDR5 at the end of this year , AMD will still offer DDR4 systems to users with its Zen 3+ architecture Warhol processors. Moreover, with the latest development, until the end of next year, Alder Lake will not get a response from the AMD wing in the market.

Raphael processors, which are expected to include Navi 2 iGPU in all processors , will go through the 5 nm process. DDR5 RAMs will show when the chips that are expected to work will be available for sale.

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