Ryzen 5000XT series is coming

In order not to keep the market empty until the end of next year, AMD is preparing a new series with the code name Vermeer B2 in update style. There is no noticeable difference in the new series.

AMD, which has brought dust to the market with its Ryzen 5000 desktop series with Zen 3 architecture, is preparing an update series in the upcoming period. The first leaked information points to an update in the style of relocation at the top level, and an update in the style of performance increase. 

What will the Ryzen 5000XT offer?

The first leaked information shows that AMD is preparing a new series that uses the Ryzen 5000XT nomenclature in order not to leave any gaps until Ryzen processors with Zen 4 architecture arrive. Architecture will remain as Zen 3 again. 

The Ryzen 9 5950XT processor manages to go above the 5GHz level on 16 cores and 32 threads. Thus, it goes a little further on the performance side. The Ryzen 6 5600XT , on the other hand, does not differ from the original with 6 cores and 12 track units. 

Rumors that AMD will launch the Zen 3+ architecture have now disappeared. In this respect, the prediction that the Ryzen 5000XT series will be a transition period is not wrong. More clear information will come in the coming weeks.

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