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Ryzen 5000G desktop APUs announced

The Ryzen 5000G series includes processors with performance that will not disappoint in content production and Full HD esports games. There are 10 models in total with PRO versions. 

In addition to AMD’s important announcements on the graphics card side, there was also activity on the processor side. The Ryzen 5000 APU family is also offered on the desktop with different naming and optimizations. 

What will the Ryzen 5000G series offer?

The Ryzen 5000G series features Zen 3 cores codenamed 7nm Cezanne and Vega graphics units with updated drivers. On the corporate side, there is a very crowded list with PRO versions that contain various security solutions. We can say that it is a little more ready and moves towards DIY systems.

Ryzen 5700G is the flagship in the Ryzen 5000G series . The processor, which consists of 8 cores and 18 thread units, has an 8-core Vega graphics unit. The processor, which can go up to 4600MHz, consumes 65W of energy and has a price tag of $ 359. The Red team states that the new processor outperforms the Intel Core i7-11700 in content production and graphics tasks. It also states that it offers satisfactory performance in Full HD esports games.

The Ryzen 5700GE processor, on the other hand, is a version with reduced speeds and a TDP of 35W. This processor will be supplied directly to the manufacturing partners, that is, we will see it in ready systems. 

The Ryzen 5600G processor comes with 6 cores and 12 threads, as well as a 7-core Vega unit. The processor consuming 65W of energy is at the level of $259. Again, we see that the GE version is OEM exclusive. Apart from this, there is also the option of Ryzen 5300G with 4 cores and 8 threads. 

When we look at the PRO side, there are Ryzen 7 Pro 5750G, Ryzen 7 Pro 5750GE, Ryzen 5 Pro 5650G and Ryzen 5 Pro 5650GE processors. These will be exactly the same as the original models, but with certain solutions on the corporate side. 

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