RTX 3050 Ti added to GPU-Z database

Details of Nvidia’s upcoming entry-middle segment have been added to the GPU-Z database by an anonymous person. The Ampere architecture card comes with 2560 CUDA cores.

The GPU giant’s eagerly anticipated budget-friendly Ampere card has been detailed. The model has been added to the database of GPU-Z .

RTX 3050 Ti

It is based on the RTX 3050 Ti GA107 GPU added by an anonymous user . This GPU, which is not used in any of the existing RTX 30 cards, will also be at the heart of the RTX 3050 .

The sub-provider ID of the card whose PCI Device ID is entered as 25A0 confirms that the entry belongs to Clevo . Therefore, Clevo engineers may have personally contributed to the GPU-Z database.

The card to be used in notebooks has a boost frequency of 1485 MHz and a memory frequency of 1500 MHz. 4 GB GDDR6 VRAMs that will communicate over 128-bit memory bus will provide 192 GB / s bandwidth.

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