Riot Games’ popular game Valorant is coming to mobile devices

 It has been announced that Valorant, one of the last games of Riot Games, which celebrates its first year, will also come to mobile devices. 

Published and developed by Riot Games , Valorant celebrates its first year today. Having achieved success with League of Legends , Riot Games announced that it will release many different types of games in the past years, and last year it launched its shooter-type games Valorant . Now this popular production is coming to a new platform.

Valorant Coming to Mobile Devices

Celebrating the first year of Valorant, Riot Games shared a few statistics about the game. Apart from statistics, it also gave good news for mobile players. According to Riot Games’ statement, Valorant will also debut for mobile devices . However, unfortunately, no details about the mobile version of the game have been shared.

Anna Donlon , Executive Producer of Riot Games’ VALORANT , commented: “One of our top goals for year one was to gain the trust and respect of the global FPS community , as well as to prove to gamers that VALORANT will always be a tactical shooter worth their time. ” It was beyond our imagination that the growing community of players saw and appreciated what we wanted to do with VALORANT . We are excited to be bringing the same competitive VALORANT experience to more global players soon.” 

In addition, Riot Games said that they reached more than 14 million active players per month , while adding that the game hosted more than half a billion matches in its first year . We will inform you as details about the mobile version of the game become available.

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