Rimac Nevera introduced

 The Rimac Nevera, a vehicle we actually know, is the production version of the C_Two concept introduced in 2018. The body of the model, which comes with a new name, has also undergone a series of changes focused on aerodynamics.

Croatian automotive company Rimac is finally here with a production version of its electric hypercar, which it calls the C_Two. The model, called Rimac Nevera , has a series of updates according to the concept in 2018.

Rimac Nevera design, features and price

Rimac Nevera is more ambitious in terms of aerodynamics than the concept version. According to the statement, 34 percent improvement was achieved in this area . For this, modifications were made in the shape of the front hood and columns. In addition, sections such as the diffuser and the front lip have been redesigned in the light of aerodynamics.

In addition, the cooling efficiency of brake and powertrain systems has improved by up to 30 percent at low speeds and up to 7 percent at high speeds, thanks to redesigned air intakes and cooling ducts.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Rimac Nevera is its active aerodynamic elements. In this way, optimum aerodynamic configuration is provided according to different driving scenarios. For example, thanks to active parts, the air friction coefficient of the car can be reduced by 17.5 percent to 0.3. In another mode, the downforce increases by 326%

There is an electric motor on each wheel of the electric hypercar. In this way, a total of 1914 horsepower and 2360 Nm of torque are released. An H-shaped, liquid-cooled lithium/manganese/nickel battery pack with a capacity of 120 kWh is used to power the engines in question. In this way, a driving range of 547 kilometers was obtained according to WLTP.

According to the information given, the maximum speed of Rimac Nevera is 412 km/h. The acceleration times are as follows:

  • 0-100 km/h : 1.85 seconds
  • 0-160 km/h: 4.3 seconds
  • quarter mile: 8.6 seconds
  • 0-300 km/h : 9.3 seconds

According to the Croatian brand, the most impressive feature of the Nevera is its carbon monocoque chassis, which is designed to completely surround the battery pack. So much so that the torsional stiffness of the structure, which was stated to be extremely strong, was announced as 70,000 Nm/degree . It is stated that only the battery pack increases the structural rigidity by 37 percent, while its position not only lowers the center of gravity, but also provides an excellent front-rear weight balance of 48/52.

In the electric hypercar he developed, Rimac wanted to blend the qualities of a long-distance car with the precision of a track-oriented machine. For this, 7 different driving modes such as Sport, Drift, Comfort, Range and Track are included. The other two modes are left private to be adjusted entirely according to the driver’s preferences.

Rimac Nevera also has the world’s first AI-powered driver’s coach. The system in question will help the driver to improve his driving skills by evaluating his performance and guiding him verbally and visually. It is stated that this feature, which will be activated with a wireless software update to be released in 2022, will benefit from 12 ultrasonic sensors, 13 cameras, 6 radars and NVIDIA’s Pegasus operating system.

Production of the electric hypercar will be limited to 150 units. The price of the cars starts from 2 million euros . The Croatian brand will offer GT, Signature and Timeless versions, as well as customer-specific options.

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