Reusability record from SpaceX: They launched the same rocket for the 10th time

 SpaceX has left behind a new milestone in reusability. The company has achieved tremendous success in this area by launching a Falcon 9 thruster into space for the 10th time.

SpaceX, which has become the star company of space exploration, continues to break new records. In the Starlink 26 assignment, which the company recently carried out , a great success was achieved in the field of reusability. SpaceX launched the same Falcon 9 rocket for the 10th time, leaving another important milestone in this area.

In the Starlink 26 mission, 60 Starlink satellites were successfully placed in orbit. The Falcon 9 thruster used in the mission returned to Earth and landed after successfully completing its mission . Thus, for the first time, a Falcon 9 rocket was launched 10 times and again it was lowered 10 times.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in recent years that the Falcon 9 rocket could be launched 10 times with very minimal renewals and a total of 100 times with extra repair work. When Musk said these words for the first time, even the thought of launching 10 times was very difficult, but today this stage is now behind.

Since Starlink missions are carried out entirely within the company, SpaceX can push the limits of Falcon 9 rockets as they wish. For example, the Falcon 9 thruster, which is the subject of our news, was previously on a 7 Starlink mission. Thanks to this great success in reusability, SpaceX managed to significantly reduce the take-off costs incurred in the Starlink project.

SpaceX’s number of Starlink satellites in orbit currently exceeds 1550. In the last two weeks alone, 180 more satellites have been launched. However, the company does not stand still, with plans to embark on a new Starlink mission on May 15th. After this mission, the number of satellites will reach 1600.

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