Resident Evil Village marks the record opening of the series on Steam

Resident Evil Village has made a quick introduction to Steam. On the first day of the game, it reached over 100 thousand simultaneous players and made the best opening of the series on the PC platform.

The rise of the Resident Evil series on the PC platform continues rapidly. Resident Evil Village , the last game of the series that debuted this week, has achieved a record opening on Steam. RE Village reached over 100,000 concurrent players on its first day .

We see a big jump compared to the previous games of the series. Resident Evil 7 released in 2017 was able to reach 18,211 simultaneous players. In the highly acclaimed Resident Evil 2 Remake game, a maximum of 74,024 simultaneous players was seen. Finally, Resident Evil 3 Remake, which was released last year, but was not critically successful, remained at 32,635 simultaneous players.

Resident Evil Village’s first day figures are quite impressive. The game, which reached 101,726 simultaneous players on the release day, is now getting higher on the second day with the effect of the weekend. At the time of writing this article, a new record has been broken with 106,631 players .

It can be said that many different factors have contributed to the success of RE Village. One of the most important factors was that the game received very positive comments from the critics in general. The fact that the game world is currently going through a somewhat dry period also seems to have contributed to the success of RE Village. 

Resident Evil Vilage is currently sold for $79 on the PC platform , $59.99 on PlayStation Store and $59.99 on Xbox Store . The Metacritic score of the game is 84.

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