Resident Evil Village demo dates and resolution-FPS values on consoles shared

Capcom’s next Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Village, had a presentation recently and during the presentation, new news from both the game and the series were shared.

Resident Evil Village, the new game of the successful and popular video game series Resident Evil, published and developed by Capcom, had an event this morning and some new details were shared there.

During the event, Resident Evil Village’s demo dates and platforms were announced, while Resident Evil 4 was announced for VR. Resident Evil 4 VR has been announced for Oculus Quest 2 and the first details will be announced on April 21.

Resident Evil Village Demo

For PlayStation 5 and 4 owners, a half-hour portion of the game will be available from 20:00 on April 18 to 04:00 on April 19. Again, for PlayStation 5 and 4 owners only, another half-hour portion of the game will be available from April 25 20:00 to April 26 04:00. Let us remind you that you can boot now.

In addition, a 1-hour demo will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC between May 2, 03:00 and May 3, 03:00. You can find the demo trailer for the game below.

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