Reduced non-game power consumption of RX 6000 series by 72% with AMD driver

It also brought a significant improvement that was not included in AMD’s latest WHQL certified driver notes. New cards now consume less power outside of the game.

Criticized by Nvidia for developing media playback, multi-monitor and cards that consume more power in idle scenarios, AMD apparently tackled the problem.

Color correction

Last aired Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.4.1 WHQL version brought many new features. By providing customization profiles for color blindness, AMD allowed more users to enjoy vivid colors in games .

AMD Link 4.0

The company, which updated AMD Link to broadcast via different applications, also made improvements in the publishing title. It is also worth underlining, in particular. AMD has finally offered the minimal setup that users have long demanded .

Although all these are shared in the published images , there is another important development that AMD does not share . According to the tests, an unshared improvement has been made for those who use the RX 6800 and above.

Compared to the previous version, the RX 6800, RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT have significantly reduced their power consumption during idle and media playback.

The boards used with the 1440p panel decreased from 25-30 watts to 5-10 watts , which corresponds to a correction of about 72%.

There is also a volume saving during media playback. The consumption drawn from 50 watts to 35 watts is still much higher than Nvidia’s current cards. For example, while the RTX 3070 draws 27 watts in the same usage scenario, this value is at the level of 18 watts in the RTX 3080 .

The improvements experienced, especially in systems to be installed with a focus on multimedia , mean lower heat generation and therefore a quiet use .

On the other hand , the leaf did not move in the RX 5700 series The power consumption improvement brought by the driver will only be experienced on current cards .

The fact that the RX 6700 XT has the power consumption reached after the update on the high-end cards before the new driver, suggests that AMD may have found new ways to reduce the power consumption in the Navi 22 after the RX 6800 series was put on the market .

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