Razer Iskur X gaming chair targets affordable price seekers


The Razer Iskur X gaming chair has been trimmed at two points compared to its older brother, but the material quality and comfort have not changed. This reduced the cost a bit.

Introducing the comfort-oriented Iskur chair for gamers towards the end of last year, Razer announced its cost-oriented gaming chair this week. Iskur X compromises some features. 

Razer Iskur X features and price

One of the components that is getting more and more attention in the gaming equipment market is the seats. Many brands, including Ikea, have started to produce gaming chairs that focus on comfort and flexibility for long-term use. Razer is also launching its second model. 

The Razer Iskur X gaming chair continues to host the important features of its brother. The interior, which is made of durable and high-density foam, offers players long-term comfort. 

The difference from its brother is that the height and angles of the arm parts can be adjusted. There were two more adjustments in Iskur. Again, the lumbar support was removed and offered as a separate option. Thus, Iskur X is $100 cheaper than its brother at $399. Razer believes its new chair will attract attention like its brother. 

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