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Razer begins production of smart face mask with RGB lighting

Razer announced that it will turn the RGB illuminated face mask that it unveiled at CES 2021 into a real device. The company begins mass production of the high-tech Project Hazel mask.

Razer, the US gaming accessories manufacturer, introduced a smart face mask called Project Hazel earlier this year. The company has officially announced that it will soon begin mass production of the RGB illuminated face mask.

Razer unveiled its high-tech RGB face mask at the CES show in early 2021. The company announced that the Project Hazel mask, presented as a concept design, will turn into a real device.

It will be as effective as the N95 mask ?

Project Hazel, with its transparent design, will offer better protection against viruses and bacteria than traditional disposable masks. Thanks to its advanced filtering system, it is expected to be as effective as the N95 mask, which can capture 95 percent of airborne particles

The main distinguishing feature of the mask will be its RGB lighting function, as is the case with many Razer products. Medical masks, as you know, muffle the sound. Razer’s smart mask will include a microphone and speaker that amplify the user’s voice. The release date and price of the product are still uncertain.

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