Printing on Qualcomm will intensify: MediaTek prepares Dimensity 900

Taiwan-based chip maker MediaTek is preparing to launch its Dimensity 900 chip as a rival to the Snapdragon 768G in the upcoming period. 

The increase in popularity of 5G smartphones and the successful Dimensity chip series have allowed MediaTek to seriously strengthen its position in the market. With the increase in market share , the revenue of the chip manufacturer also increased. The company managed to make $ 1.32 billion in April this year alone, which is 78% more than in the same period last year .

MediaTek intends to keep this position it has achieved and surpass its rival Qualcomm . The company is preparing to launch the Dimensity 900 chip (MediaTek MT6877), which will be the direct competitor of the Snapdragon 768G to strengthen its position in the 5G devices segment . Rumor has it that the new processor in AnTuTu scores higher than Qualcomm’s chipset .

MediaTek started to dominate the market

Dimensity 900 is already referred to as the “king of the $ 155 device segment”. The first smartphone with a new chip will be an Oppo brand device that offers a 90 hertz display and a 64-megapixel camera . MediaTek sold 352 million chips to the market last year, compared to 238 million in the previous year, according to analysts at Omdia . Growth  was 48% and the company controls 27% of the mobile processor market .

The Taiwanese chipmaker’s partners include Samsung , Huawei , Oppo , Honor and Xiaomi , of which Huawei launched 60 million smartphones equipped with MediaTek chip systems last year .

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