PlayStation’s London Studio is working on “a brand new, next generation game”

London Studio, one of Sony’s leading developers and better known for VR games, is working on a “brand new, new game” for PS5.

With the release of new consoles, game news started to come from both big companies. Now, with its special games, PlayStation’s studio named London Studio is working on a new game.

Unfortunately the game was not officially announced. The development of the game emerged from the studio’s job advertisement. The definition of “brand new, new generation IP” has been used for this newly developed game. In other words, the game will not be a sequel to any series, it will be a new game and will be published for PlayStation 5.

When we look at the job postings, we can see that the studio is looking for animators, artists and graphic programmers. We can also see that one of the lists is looking for an “Experienced Online Game Designer”. So we can say that the game will either be an online mode or it will be online-based.

London Studio previously developed many VR games for PlayStation. However, there is no note about VR in these new projects. So we can imagine that the studio has switched to a new style. More details will emerge in the future.

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