PlayStation wants to make more new and experimental games outside of the popular game series

PlayStation’s game boss Hermen Hulst previously made a statement that supported and excited Jim Ryan’s announcement. You can find the details in our news.

When it comes to PlayStation console, the first thing that comes to mind is special games. We see both new games of popular series and completely new games in every generation. Hermen Hulst , the head of PlayStation’s game studio,  also made an exciting statement on this issue.

PlayStation game boss Hermen Hulst recently spoke to Game Industry and gave some clues about what kind of productions await PlayStation owners in the future . Hermen Hulst said that in the future, they will continue with completely new and experimental games and increase their number, apart from continuing their popular series . 

Hermen Hulst said, “I think the games we make are as different and varied as possible .  The Last of Us Part 2, Ghosts of Tsushima, Dreams and Sackboy are examples. You should know that we will continue to make these games because these games are the heart and soul of PlayStation. But they are also different. We also work hard to provide experiences and generate new ideas. ” said.

Previously, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan assured that we will see more exclusive games in this generation . We hope we can see many special games in this generation as they say.

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