PlayStation announces agreement with Discord: Discord will be integrated into PlayStation Network

After rumors about Microsoft’s acquisition of Discord, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan announced that PlayStation and Discord had agreed.

Discord, the communication program known by the players, whose name is known with different companies for a while , has officially agreed with a company after the rumors.

Jim Ryan , CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment , recently visited Sony’s blog site PlayStation announced an agreement with Discord .

Jim Ryan said , ” We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Discord , the communications service with more than 140 million users . We are working hard with our teams to integrate Discord into PlayStation Network early next year . to enable people to communicate more comfortably and have fun. ” said.

Sony bought minority shares from Discord in line with this deal . It turned out that Microsoft wanted to buy Discord for $ 10 billion, but after a while, it turned out that Discord was not interested in this purchase . 

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