Pfizer CEO: “It may be necessary to be vaccinated against Kovid-19 every year”


While the fight against Kovid-19 continued, the third dose statement came from the Pfizer CEO. The CEO said that the third dose may be required to fight the virus, followed by each year of vaccination.

While the vaccination process, which is an important force multiplier in the fight against the world’s Kovid-19 epidemic, continues on the one hand, studies on how many doses of vaccines should be administered are continuing uninterruptedly. The idea of using the third dose for vaccines, which are administered in two doses under current conditions, is one of the issues that has recently come to the agenda.

BioNtech / Pfizer vaccine, which is thought to be one of the most effective weapons against the epidemic, is administered in two doses as it is known. However, it has begun to come to the fore that the third dose of the vaccine, which is thought to provide protection for up to six months, may be needed. With the statements made by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, within the scope of the potential application, the third dose of vaccine may need to be administered in a period of six to 12 months.

Although there is no confirmed study yet, according to Bourla, there is a possibility that the third dose will be needed during the vaccination process, as the Kovid virus is similar to the flu virus. For example, while the polio vaccine is administered in a single dose, someone with the flu vaccine must repeat this application every year.

In the light of the researches to be made in this context, it is possible to apply the Kovid-19 vaccine every year. Bourla’s statements on this subject are as follows:

“One of the possible scenarios suggests we might need a third dose. This may need to be applied over a six to 12-month interval. In the ongoing process, the annual vaccination process may begin. However, it should be known that these are a possibility. Variants of the virus play a key role here. We need to minimize the pool of people who are likely to be in contact with the virus. “

While a small portion of the world’s population has already met with the vaccine, Bourla’s statements are of the kind to scare people. We hope we get through the pandemic process before the scenario put forward by Pfizer’s CEO becomes reality. Please do not neglect to share your valuable ideas in the comments.

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