Perseverance rover successfully completes first test flock on Mars surface

The first test drive on Perseverance In Mars took place on March 4th. It was stated that the traveler moved 6.5 meters on the first attempt.

NASA’s new rover Perseverance, which landed on Mars last month, successfully completed its first test drive on the Red Planet. Publishing a statement on the subject, NASA announced that everything went perfectly as expected in the test drive. In the photo above we see the traces left by the traveler on the surface.

Explore the area where Avatar Perseverance landed on Mars in 4K and 360 degrees
During the test drive held on March 4, it was stated that Perseverance moved a total of 6.5 meters on the surface. The traveler’s test drive took about 33 minutes. It was stated that Perseverance first moved forward, then turned around and went backward during this time. You can see representative images showing this movement in the video below the news.

Perseverance rover can travel on Mars on a flat and hard surface at a maximum speed of 152 meters per hour. However, during Thursday’s test drive, the traveler moved at a slower speed than that (16 meters per hour).

Of course, Perseverance’s adventure on Mars is just beginning. The goals of NASA in the giant project, which was developed at a cost of $ 2.9 billion, are quite large. “Was there life on Mars?” It will carry out intensive studies on the Red Planet to answer the question. Perseverance is expected to remain active on the Red Planet for many years to come.

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