Pentagon report on mysterious UFO videos released this week

The Pentagon will present a report to the US Congress this week on the UFO videos it has released. The report is expected to focus on the threats posed to US security by the unidentified objects in the videos. 

As you know, mysterious UFO videos published by the US Department of Defense have been on the agenda for a while. The Pentagon will now submit a non-classified report on these UFO images to the US Congress . It is stated that the report in question  will be published in the first week of June .

UFO videos viewed by the US military were first leaked by The New York Times in 2017. The videos were later confirmed by the Pentagon, and the Pentagon will release it in 2020. by making a first in its history released official UFO videos. About a year after this incident, the agenda has started to shake with new UFO videos again.

In the new videos released by the Pentagon in the past weeks, it is observed that an  unidentified object , which does not seem to have any propulsion system or wings, is moving at high speeds in the Earth’s atmosphere. In the videos, we also see that the pilots of the US Navy recorded their observations with great surprise.

US Navy’s UFO sighting in April

Of course, there are a lot of rumors about the unidentified objects in the images, but neither the Pentagon nor any researcher has yet been able to provide a definitive explanation for this interesting situation. The US Army says the clips in question are currently   being treated as “unidentified aerial phenomena” (Unindentified Aerial Phenomena) .

Luiz Elizondo, who served as the head of the UFO research program at the Pentagon between 2008-2017, To CBS News In his statement, ” Hourly 21 thousand kilometers, quickly fly, which caught on radar technology and any impulse to consider a system that does not have wings or … exactly what we see here.” used the phrases.

The report, which is expected to be published by the Pentagon this week, will detail the UFO observations. Analyzes are expected to be shared on issues such as whether the objects in the videos belong to any state or institution, and whether these objects  pose a threat to US security . The Pentagon report will be released publicly.

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