Original Doge Meme Will Be Sold as NFT

Atsuko Sato, the Japanese kindergarten teacher behind the doge meme, wants to get involved in the crypto craze

Doge Japanese kindergarten teacher behind the breast Atsuko Sato, raw crypto LG wants to be included in the ınlıg.

It has been announced that Doge, the biggest meme in the crypto industry, will be auctioned as an NFT. The auction will take place on the Zora market on June 8th. Proceeds from NFT will be donated to charities.

The event will be hosted by the online meme encyclopedia Know Your Meme.

The Doge meme started on February 23, 2010, when Sato shared photos of his adopted female Shiba Inu dog Kabosu. The photo went viral after it was shared on Reddit in October 2010.

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