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Oppo’s foldable phone will be vertical

Oppo’s foldable smartphone, which is expected to have a Galaxy Z Flip-style structure, will soon be on the market. A clear date is not yet clear.

The acceptance of foldable smartphones in the market has also accelerated the investments. This year, we will see plenty of new models in the market where it is understood that a competition will get warmer. Oppo is one of them.

How will the Oppo foldable phone be?

Oppo ‘s smartphone studies with an expandable or foldable screen have been on the agenda for a while. Instead of developing a model at very three points, the company seems to prefer to start its adventure with a traditional design. 

Sources state that a smartphone that opens vertically in the Motorola Razr style will be on the market. The smartphone, which will have a 7-inch screen when opened, will offer slightly wider and longer dimensions in this respect. 

It is also discussed that the smartphone, which will house a more energy efficient LTPO production OLED display, will come with a battery with a capacity of 3500-4000mAh. There is also a second screen for notifications and various information. The foldable phone, which is expected to be included in the Oppo Find series, is expected to be introduced towards the summer months. 

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