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Oppo Watch and Oppo Band get iOS support

The HeyTap Health app, designed for Oppo’s wearables, was only available for Android devices until now. The Chinese company finally released the iOS version of the app.

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has released the iOS version of the HeyTap Health app, which was previously only available for Android devices.

Oppo Watch and Oppo Band owners will now be able to use their smartwatches and wristbands by pairing them with iOS devices. The application finally officially stepped into the App Store.

Able to share data with Apple Health

HeyTap Health enables the collection and analysis of health data. It also has functions such as customizing watch faces and customizing workout options.

HeyTap Health is able to sync data with Apple Health. The application can display information about the heart rate and oxygen level in the blood, as well as allowing sleep quality to be monitored.

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