Oppo introduces new smart wristband and fully wireless headset

Oppo Band Vitality is a little more affordable, while Oppo Enco Air is targeting those looking for satisfying sound quality. Both products are on sale. 

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As of today, two of the products of the Oppo brand, which promotes smartphones and ecosystem products, are the Oppo Band Vitality smart wristband and the Oppo Enco Air full wireless headset model. 

Oppo Band Vitality features and price

Oppo Band Vitality is a slightly more Lite version of the original Oppo Band model. It has a 1.1 inch AMOLED touch screen and has the Oppo logo at the bottom. The body is suitable for underwater use up to 50 meters. 

The sensor, which can monitor the heart rate for 24 hours, can also monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood and the sleep cycle. With continuous heart rate on, it has 14 days of use, and is even longer with economical use. The $ 23 price tag was set for the Oppo Band Vitality and sales began. 

Oppo- AronBoss.com

Oppo Enco Air features and price

Oppo Enco Air model , which is prepared as a Lite alternative to the Oppo Enco X headset model, aims to offer a satisfactory level of sound quality with 12mm drivers and titanium plated moving coil. 

With the Enco Air box, which can be used up to 4 hours on a single charge, it increases this time to 24 hours. There is also 47ms delay Mode for games. Oppo Enco Air has a price tag of $ 39. 

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