Oppo and OnePlus merge

 OnePlus smartphone brand announced that it will enter under the umbrella of Oppo in the new period. OnePlus will continue to develop standalone models, while management remains entirely with Oppo.

The OnePlus brand, which appeared to be an independent smartphone manufacturer in the first years of its establishment and kept its affiliation with the Oppo roof company as a secret, has officially decided to go under the Oppo brand today. 

OnePlus is now Oppo

Established within the structure of BBK Holding , OnePlus quickly made itself popular in terms of design and price-performance. OnePlus, which has done important work on the software side, has become one of the important companies today. 

However, the fact that co-founder Carl Pei sailed to a new venture under the name Nothing and the other co-founder Pete Lau joined Oppo was a clue to some developments. We’ve already been seeing some Oppo models under the OnePlus brand for a while. The expected news came this week. 

OnePlus has announced that it will make a full integration with Oppo in the coming period. OnePlus will continue to operate as a subsidiary from now on. It will also develop products independently and make launches, but we will see more common designs. 

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