Opera got native support for M1 processor Macs: 2x faster Opera experience

Applications offer native support for full compatibility in the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon. Opera will now provide native support for its browser for M1 processor Macs.

Opera announced that its macOS web browser has been updated with native Apple silicon support. The company states that with native support, the browser will run 2 times faster on Macs with M1 processors compared to the previous version.

Keyboard shortcuts for Flow and Player are also coming

Opera states that it offers native support for M1-powered Macs to provide a faster and more efficient experience. Google Chrome introduced native Apple Silicon support in November 2020 and Firefox in December 2020. Opera was the latest native support browser compared to other browsers.

In addition to the M1 processor Mac support, Opera allows you to set your own keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the Flow feature that connects your computer browser to Opera on iOS and Android. Flow feature, where you can send everything you don’t want to miss such as notes, pictures, links, files between your devices, has end-to-end encryption.

Special shortcuts can also be set to Opera’s Player feature, which allows you to access Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music from one place, and the built-in crypto wallet.

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