One objection to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency also came from Germany

Nine industry associations representing companies such as Facebook and printing company Axel Springer filed a complaint with Germany’s competition regulator about Apple’s new policy change.

Objections to App Tracking Transparency , which is a new feature of Apple, which will provide users with what data the apps that started to implement with iOS 14.5 collect about themselves in a more transparent and explanatory way, continue. Finally, some of the largest media, technology and advertising companies have filed a complaint with Germany’s competition regulator, stating that they oppose this feature.

A big drop in ad revenue is predicted

Last month, objections were raised in France on the grounds that the company gave an unfair advantage to its own advertising network thanks to Apple’s new feature. It was stated in the complaint that if Apple really cares about privacy, it should also be open and transparent about its own advertising policies.

The complaint from Germany said they believe the changes will negatively impact the mobile advertising industry and the requirement will make it difficult for third parties to collect the data they need to place ads. It was also mentioned in the complaint that app developers are predicting a 60% reduction in ad revenue .

“If the relevance of ads drops, consumers will have to spend more time finding offers that are relevant to them,” says Thomas Hoppner of Hausfeld Law Firm, representing the group. said.

Apple said that the rules for complaints about this policy change apply equally to all developers, including Apple.

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