On the Android version of the Chrome browser, the site preview has arrived

Recently, Google’s developers officially announced that they plan to release updates for the Chrome browser much more frequently, and now they have brought a new functionality to the Android side for the mobile version of the browser.

Users with the latest app update can now preview content before opening the site. This can be a very viable solution in many scenarios. For example, it will be much easier and faster for the user to find the site they want. Because instead of opening the site you want to browse in full screen, it is now possible to have an idea about its content by looking at its preview.

It will make it easier to find the wanted content

To preview the website, the user has to long click on the link to open the context menu and then select “Page Preview”. The user will then see a preview of the page in thumbnail format. Also, the user can scroll down the site in preview mode, while also interacting with the items.

In addition to the site’s icon, page name and domain address, there is an additional open button in the preview menu. If the content is suitable for the user, they will be able to open the site by pressing this button, or if it seems unnecessary, they will be able to turn off the preview and browse other sites using the cross icon.

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