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Officially announced: Bugatti and Rimac join forces

 We can say that one of the biggest news for the automotive industry this year was the partnership between Bugatti and Rimac to develop new generation hypercars. Here are the details of the partnership:

After months of rumors, the giant partnership became official. Porsche has officially announced that Bugatti and the Croatian brand Rimac have joined forces . Thus, for Bugatti, the doors of the transition to electricity were wide open.

Under the agreement reached , a new partnership known as Bugatti-Rimac will be established. The headquarters of this partnership will be Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb and will be operational in the last quarter of this year. Rimac will retain control of the new company with a 55 percent stake . Porsche will have a 45 percent share. However, at this point, let us remind you that Porsche owns 24 percent of Rimac. Moreover, Rimac and Hyundai also have 12 percent shares.

It will contribute greatly to the electrification of Bugatti

In the first place, nothing much will change for both brands. As Bugatti continues to develop the Chiron model, Rimac also unveils the cover a month ago. nevera It will focus on launching its new model. But in the long term, we will see the effect of Rimac, which stands out with its electric vehicle technologies, in Bugatti models. On the other hand, Bugatti models will continue to be produced in Molsheim.

Mate Rimac will be the CEO of the new formation, simply called Bugatti-Rimac. Porsche will play a key role as a ‘strategic partner’ at this point, and Porsche CEO Oliver Blume and vice president Lutz Meschke will also take part in the board of directors of the new formation.

On the other hand, we see that Rimac is effectively split into two different companies known as Rimac Group and Rimac Technology. Responsible for the development, manufacture and supply of battery systems, powertrains and other electric vehicle components, Rimac Technology is wholly owned by the Rimac Group but will be able to collaborate with other brands.

Although Bugatti is a brand that adorns the dreams of most car enthusiasts with its deep-rooted history, W16 engine and designs, the changing dynamics of the industry are forcing manufacturers to undergo a radical change towards electricity. Rimac cooperation will be an important exit for Bugatti at this point.

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