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Nvidia’s Canvas application, which turns drawings into tables, is released

GauGAN, which Nvidia demonstrated in March 2019, meets the end user as an application called Canvas. Entered open beta for owners of RTX graphics cards. You can download it as of today.

GauGAN , a tool for converting drawings into tables developed by Nvidia Research , was introduced with a demo in 2019. It was a matter of curiosity whether this tool, which works with artificial intelligence and looks like it came out of a science fiction movie, will meet the end user, but Nvidia introduced the Canvas application, which works with GauGAN, and RTX graphics card owners can sign up for the open beta. 

Nvidia Canvas allows you to draw using materials instead of colors, and then turns these drawings into photorealistic paintings with artificial intelligence. While drawing, you can see the photorealistic picture at the same time and you don’t have to wait. You can also save your drawing files in .psd format and transfer them directly to Photoshop.

The application, which comes out with 15 different materials, also has 9 different styles, so you can shape the photorealistic picture as you want. Materials include grass, snow, stone, mountain, fog and pond. With the styles, you can change parameters such as sun and moonlight. According to Nvidia’s statement, the GAN was trained on the Nvidia DGX system with 5 million different photos. In this way, the resulting images are very realistic.

To sign up for the open beta here Click.
You can watch Canvas’s promotional video below.

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