Nvidia announces professional RTX graphics cards

The RTX A5000 and A4000 are aimed at slightly more affordable professionals. Turing-based RTX A series and Max-Q design will be offered to laptops.

Making important announcements this week on the server and artificial intelligence side, Nvidia has not forgotten professional users. Renaming the Quadro series as RTX A, the company announced its new mid-range graphics cards.

RTX A5000 and A4000

Nvidia, which introduced the RTX A8000 and RTX A6000 accelerators last year, pulled the line a little further and introduced the RTX A5000 and A4000 graphics cards. Ampere-based graphics cards target professionals.

The RTX A5000 graphics card has 8192 CUDA processors and 24GB GDDR6 ECC RAM. You can connect the 240W thermal design power graphics card to one more A5000 card with NVLINK. Thus, a total of 48GB GDDR6 and 112GB / s bandwidth is obtained.

RTX A4000 has 6144 CUDA cores and 16GB GDDR6 ECC RAM memory. The video card with 140W thermal design power cannot be used in SLI style. Apart from these, there are RTX A2000, A3000, A4000 and A5000 graphics cards based on Turing architecture. These cards are in Max-Q design and supported by Nvidia Studio.

In addition to these, A10 and A16 graphics cards that will work in harmony with Grace architecture for servers and mobile Nvidia T1200 and T600 graphics cards that focus on multitasking will also be available.

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