Nvidia announces new ARM-based server processor

Inspired by Grace Hopper, the Nvidia Grace architecture aims to offer a much better performance than the ARM-based and existing DGX-based systems.

After Apple announced that it would switch to a new architecture on the desktop, the ARM platform suddenly became the focus. Today, its new owner Nvidia announced that it has taken an important step.

What will Nvidia Grace offer?

The surprise processor architecture that emerged at the Nvidia GTC 2021 conference is named Grace and addresses servers. The naming is inspired by Grace Hopper, one of the pioneers in the history of computer programming. The new architectural complex promises 10 times higher performance in artificial intelligence and performance-oriented operations.

Nvidia has already been involved with ARM architecture before. The company’s Tegra chipset, which is used in cars and some consoles today, used customized ARM processors. ARM designs, in which approximately 10 thousand engineers were employed, appeared today as Nvidia Grace.

Grace architecture connects to Nvidia graphics units with fourth generation Nvidia NVLink connection technology and can reach speeds of 900GB / s. 600GB / s connection speed from processor to processor is available.

The LPDDR5x memory subsystem offers twice the bandwidth and 10 times better energy efficiency than DDR4 memory. In theory, there is 5000GB / s bandwidth. It also provides flexibility by combining system and HBM memory in a single memory address.

Nvidia states that the DGX-based systems it has already developed on the x86 architecture are behind the Grace architecture. The Grace architecture, which the company relies on, will be used in supercomputers in 2023 at the earliest. Already the US Los Alamos Laboratory and the Swiss Supercomputer Center are lining up for Nvidia Grace solutions.

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