Next year Boeing prepares to significantly increase its 737 MAX production capacity


US aviation giant Boeing expects a significant increase in 737 MAX production capacity in the last part of 2022. 

Boeing 737 MAX series planes, which were taken to the ground after fatal accidents and could not meet with the sky for 20 months, received a new flight permit at the end of 2020, as it will be remembered. Boeing, who had a hard time with the effect of the Kovid-19 pandemic and faced with frequent order cancellations, said that he was hopeful about the model in the backbone position of the company.

The company, which has set important targets for the last period of the next year, wants to reach an average of 42 aircraft capacity per month, especially in the autumn period, according to the information shared in some media organs.

The number of expeditions is increasing

This forecast, which is about 35% more than the company’s target for the beginning of 2022, seems likely to become a reality as the pandemic loses its impact and the trust problem with the 737 MAXs is reduced. Boeing has delivered more than 80 737 MAXs after the certification approval, and as of April, 21 airlines have begun reorganizing the MAXs.

Boeing 2021 aims to achieve double-digit numbers in MAX production. The statements of the company officials who want to reach a capacity of 26 aircraft by the end of the year are as follows:

“We will continue to constantly review our production plan as a result of market research and consultations with our customers. The timing of regulatory approval issues will also play an important role in increasing our delivery plans and production capacity. “

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