New trailer of Netflix’s comic book adaptation Sweet Tooth was shared

The new trailer of the series of the same name, which was adapted from the series Sweet Tooth, announced in May 2020, was shared recently. 

New trailer of Netflix's comic book adaptation Sweet Tooth was shared - AronBoss

The  new trailer of the Netflix series Sweet Tooth , which was announced last year and is based on the Vertigo universe, where DC’s comics such as Sandman and Constantine, are based on the comic book series of the same name, was shared. 

In the new trailer released, we can see many scenes that we have not seen in the previously published trailer . You can find the aforementioned trailer below. 

Sweet Tooth  will be released on Netflix on June 4, 2021  . The series is produced by  Robert Downey Jr. , whom we know with Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, and is  directed by  Jim Mickle. The cast of the series  includes  names such as James Brolin, Christian Convery, Will Forte, Nonso Anonzie and Adeel Akhtar. 

Sweet Tooth Trailer

The plot of the series:  The “Great Crash” of ten years ago   turns the  world upside down, mysteriously  leading to the emergence of “hybrids” . Babies   begin to be born half human and half animal . Uncertain whether hybrids are the result or the cause of the virus, many people fear and hunt them. A hybrid deer-boy named Gus (Christian Convery), who lives safely in a secluded lodge for ten years, unexpectedly becomes friends with a lone traveler named Jepperd (Nonso Anozie). These two set off on an extraordinary adventure in the land that remained from America.  He seeks answers to questions about Gus’s origin, Jepperd’s past, and the true meaning of what is called home. But their story is full of unexpected allies and enemies. Gus soon learns that the lush, dangerous world outside the forest is too complex to imagine.

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