New tips on 2021 Volkswagen T7 Multivan shared

We learned that the T7 Multivan, which is expected to be introduced in June, will come with a large glass roof and individual seats that can be moved by a rail system. Here are the details:

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continues to share new tips about the T7 Multivan , which is expected to be officially introduced next summer . The company, which previously had a drawing of the front of the vehicle, now shared some information about the interior.

In the shared image, the spaciousness of the living space offered by the 2021 Volkswagen T7 Multivan, the Transporter’s version for passenger transportation, is emphasized. While the wide side windows draw attention in this area, a huge glass ceiling consisting of two parts stands out at the top.

In addition to this image, Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle unit shared some information highlighting the flexibility of the cabin in the T7 Multivan. For example, the vehicle has a new seating system. In this context, individual seats have been placed in the third row, which can be easily removed and installed. The German brand states that the second and third row seats, which are stated to be much lighter than before, can be removed in a very short time when you want to carry cargo to the passenger place.

Another innovation that provides flexibility in the cabin of the 2021 Volkswagen T7 Multivan is the new rail system extending from the rear to the second row seats. At this point, the feature that Volkswagen highlights is that the middle seat in the third row can be slid forward enough to almost meet the first row. In this way, while carrying passengers, there is also extra space for bicycles and other long items.

The company also says that they have recreated the table, which has been among the features of Multivan for years. The table, which is included in the rail system, can thus be moved so that it can be used in different parts of the cabin. On the other hand, turning the middle row seats 180 degrees to provide face-to-face seating is one of the features we are used to in such vehicles.

As mentioned above, the new generation will appear as the first Multivan to be offered only with individual seats. In this way, there will be 5 movable and removable seats in the second and third rows. The new T7 Multivan will be officially unveiled next June. but the company announced that it will share new tips until the introduction.

There is not much information about the technical details of the T7 Multivan yet, but it was previously confirmed that it will have a rechargeable hybrid version from the moment it is put on the market.

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