New Tesla Model S and XS will Offer Game Console Experience with AMD RDNA 2 Architecture

AMD CEO Lisa Su confirmed the claims about the new Tesla models in today’s statement. AMD technology is behind the game console experience of the new Model S / Xs.

Announcing a comprehensive update operation for Model S and Model X last January, Tesla managed to surprise us with a number of features such as the new steering wheel, as you can see in the photo above.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk added that innovations will not remain on the visual side, and that the renewed infotainment system will provide a game console experience. Musk stated that the system will have 10 teraflops , that is, the same power as the PS5 on paper, and can easily play games such as The Witcher 3 .

At the time, it was rumored that Tesla’s new graphics hardware would be provided by AMD. This claim seemed quite logical, as the company’s RDNA 2 GPUs were also behind the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S . In addition to confirming these rumors today, AMD CEO Lisa Su noted that the new Teslas have an AMD APU system in their infotainment system.

Enjoying the game while charging

According to Lisa Su’s statement, RDNA 2 GPUs will come into play when games that require too much power will be played on the system. It is possible to compare this to the way some laptops use internal and external graphics cards. This is very important for Teslas. Because no vehicle owner wants the high-power GPU to stay active all the time and consume the battery.

So why would you need console-quality gaming in a car? The US manufacturer thinks that this feature will entertain vehicle owners who take a meal or charging break while on a long journey. In addition, it is possible to say that games can be played during the journey thanks to the fully autonomous driving technology that the company is working on.

Moreover, the gaming experience is not limited to the large 17-inch screen on the front. There is also a screen for passengers at the back, but it is quite small compared to the front.

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