New SUV coupe coming to Europe from Volkswagen: Volkswagen Taigo

Volkswagen Taigo


The new Volkswagen Taigo, which will be built on the foundations of the company’s successful model in Brazil, Nivus, will appear as a coupe-designed small SUV in the B segment.

While the SUV and crossover craze continues in the automotive world, brands continue to diversify their product range in the direction of intense consumer interest. In this context, the German brand is also in front of us with the new Volkswagen Taigo.

The German automotive giant shared the first clue images regarding the body design of Volkswagen Taigo, the new step of the small SUV attack. Developed on the foundations of the company’s successful model Nivus in Brazil, Taigo will be available in the European market. There is not much information about the vehicle yet, but as far as the images show, it will appear as a sporty SUV Coupe.

When we look at the shared images, we can see that the new Volkswagen Taigo is very similar to the Nivus. The lines, lights and louver design on the front hood are very similar on both models. Differently, it looks like an LED strip has been added to Taigo’s blinds. In addition, the bumper part looks more sporty compared to its Brazilian sibling, but this may also be misleading because the images are drawing.

The engine range of the new Volkswagen Taigo will consist of affordable TSI units. The SUV Coupe model, where LED headlights will be offered as standard, will attract attention with its fully digital cockpit and advanced driving assistance systems. Volkswagen Taigo will be produced at the Pamplona plant in Spain for the European market.

The new Volkswagen Taigo is scheduled to be officially introduced this summer and available before the end of 2021.

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