New Mac Pro with Apple Processor May Come In 2022

New claims have been made about the future of the Mac Pro model, which appeals to professionals and offers the most powerful Macintosh experience. While the most powerful Mac Pro available offers a maximum 24-core Intel Xeon-W processor and AMD Radeon Vega graphics card, the new Mac Pro models with Apple processors, which are said to be released in 2022, seem to be beasts.

In the post by LeaksApplePro on Twitter, it is seen that the new Mac Pro will have its own dedicated processor and GPU. The top model mentions a 64-core processor with 48 performance cores, 512 GB of RAM and 128 GPU cores. It is shared that the price will be significantly high with $ 18,999. The cheapest model with 24 performance cores, 32 core processors, 64 GB RAM and 32 GPU cores is expressed as $ 5,599. The middle model is claimed to offer a 48-core processor with 36 performance cores, 256 GB of RAM and 64 GPU cores. The price will be $ 11,999.

It is noteworthy that there is a gap between the price differences between the three Mac Pro, so to speak. There is a $ 6,500 difference between the basic and mid model. The difference between the high and mid models is $ 7,000. This situation causes us to look at the leak with some suspicion.

Meanwhile, the new form factor is expected to be less than half the total size of the current Mac Pro.

So, what are your expectations for the new Mac Pro?

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