New information shared from the development process of The Last of Us 3: Scenario draft ready

Details about the development process of the third game of The Last of Us, one of the most popular series in the game world, have been announced. Unfortunately, the game will not be developed for a while.

New information was shared from the third game of the popular and successful game series The Last of Us , published by Sony and developed by Naughty Dog .

Speaking in a podcast called Script Apart, the game’s designer and co-chair of the studio,  Neil Druckmann , shared new developments about the third game. He said that the draft scenario of the third game is complete . Unfortunately, the development process of the game is not active at the moment.  Neil Druckmann hopes that the third game will be released someday. 

Although the end of the second game causes great controversy, we can say that it is a clear end . Some things were exposed, but it can be difficult to make a sequel for them. So we might think that Neil Druckmann has another scenario in his mind . 

Naughty Dog is currently working on a remake of the first game . Remake will be released for PlayStation 5 . The studio plans to get used to PlayStation 5 a little more with this game. 

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