New features and a new design coming to Spotify’s “Library” section

 A new update is coming to Spotify, the most used music and podcast streaming application on mobile devices. With the new update, the “Library” section gets a new design.

The design of the “Library” section of Spotify, which has great popularity among music and podcast applications as well as mobile applications in general, is changing.

According to Spotify’s announcement in the past hours, the most used part of the application, “Library”, is going through a design change again . In addition to the design change, some new features will be added to the application with this new design .

With the new update, you will now be able to explore the section of the Library more quickly and have more convenient access. You will also spend less time searching for content and editing your library . You can find the new features announced by Spotify below.

New Features

  • Browsing and searching both the music and podcast collection is now much easier and all in one place.
  • New dynamic filters make it easy to navigate your collection You can choose from an album, artist, playlist, or podcast to view your saved and matching content. Then, if you’re on the go, for example, just tap the Downloads filter to view all your content available offline * at once.
  • With advanced sorting options, your content; You can view it alphabetically, by most recently played, or by the creator’s name. 
  • More control and easier access over what you listen to the most . Whenever you want, you can pin up four albums, playlists or podcasts of your choice for instant access. Just swipe right to view the “Pin” option.
  • You can use the new Grid view to view a wide range of album, playlist and podcast covers and sort your favorite content in a more visual way.

All these innovations will be made available for iOS and Android devices next week . 

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