New electric SUV concept from Toyota: bZ4X

Toyota, which has increased gear on 100 percent electric vehicles, introduced the bZ4X concept as a preview of the electric SUV model developed with Subaru in this context.

The Japanese automotive giant has removed the cover on the electric SUV concept Toyota bZ4X , which it has shared clues about for a while . Toyota, one of the first manufacturers to come to mind when it comes to hybrid, is now also raising gear on 100 percent electric vehicles.

The bZ4X concept, which comes on the stage as a preview of a mass production model to be introduced by Toyota in 2022, manages to attract attention with its different design. The front part of the concept model, which is dominated by sharp lines from start to finish, features a muscular engine hood, fine lighting, vertical air ducts and a large central air intake with shiny metal details.

When we look at Toyota’s electric SUV concept from the side, a roof that slopes slightly towards the rear, a high shoulder line and wide fenders stand out. We see that areas such as the roof, side mirror covers and fender tips are designed in black. On the other hand, blue calipers and large wheels are also the details that complete the design of the electric SUV.

The black spoiler at the rear of the bZ4X concept adds a sporty look to the vehicle. We can say that the extremely slanted rear window also gave a little coupe-SUV atmosphere. In addition, the taillights combined with a strip extending all the way, a tailgate with sharp lines and a large diffuser are among the design details we encounter at the rear.

A very simple design language prevails in the interior of the concept. Right in front of the driver is a three-spoke steering wheel with multimedia keys placed in a vertical arrangement. Just behind it is a small digital instrument panel positioned at eye level. In the center, a large multimedia screen that looks like the continuation of the center console is used. At the bottom, there are touch sensitive air conditioning controls, air vents and various buttons.

Toyota is very reticent about the technical features of its new concept. But we know that the vehicle was built on the e-TNGA platform and was developed together with Subaru. In this context, the vehicle will include Subaru’s four-wheel drive system. It is also possible to see an electric SUV signed by Subaru with the same features within the scope of this cooperation.

The production version of the Toyota bZ4X will be produced in China and Japan. Sales of the vehicle, which will be available on the global market, will begin in mid-2022. Toyota will launch 15 electric models in the long run, 7 of which will be named bZ (beyond zero). The company has also signaled a pickup with hybrid and all-electric powertrains in the near future.

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