New details shared from the movie Superman, which was independent like the Joker

New details about the selection of actors and directors of the Superman movie, which was announced in the past months, have been announced. It was also added that the film will again focus on Kal-El.

Superman -

As you know , Superman ‘s new movie , which has a great place in DC’s comic book universe and cinema universe, was announced in the past months. Not much detail has been known since its announcement, but a few minor details have been announced recently .

As announced in recent months, the new Superman movie was asked to play a black man . There is still no actor found, but the studio is currently specifically asked to be black for both the lead and director . As we said, neither the director nor the leading role has been found yet. It   has  already been announced that the film will be written by Ta-River Coates , who previously wrote comic book series such as  Marvel ‘s  Black Panther  and  Captain America .

This new Superman movie will be independent of DC’s cinematic universe, just like The Batman and The Joker movies. The most striking situation in the new details announced is that the film will focus on the Kal-El version we all know, not the Superman’s version that is Calvin Ellis .

The comics already  featured a black Superman named Calvin Ellis . That’s why people thought that Superman would be Calvin Ellis in this movie . However, the explanation is that Superman in the movie will be Kal-El again.

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