Netflix’s new feature has been made available worldwide: “Play Something”


Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming platform, has opened its testing feature, which has been in the test phase for a while, available all over the world. You can find the details in our news.

The new feature of Netflix, the video streaming platform that has a great popularity in the world, has been made available all over the world.

The “Play Something” or  “Play Something “ feature, which has been opened to access and tested by some users since last year, has finally been made available all over the world. The feature is currently only available on Netflix’s TV app . However, it plans to bring the Netflix feature to Android soon. Netflix currently has no plans to bring this feature to browsers on computers Unfortunately, it does not seem like they will have such plans anytime soon.

As you can see from its name, the “Play Something” feature opens up random content for you when you can’t decide what to watch However, it doesn’t open the content in a completely random way. It makes a choice according to the content you have watched and liked before .

The new feature will show the following contents:

  • TV shows and movies similar to the productions you’ve watched before.
  • If a certain amount of time has passed since you watched a previous production, it can offer you again.
  • Productions that you started but stopped halfway through.

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