Netflix is ​​preparing to release an online platform called N-Plus for its exclusive content.

Netflix; It seems to be working on a system called N-Plus where how-to videos, podcasts, unknowns and playlists can be prepared. 

Netflix , one of the largest video streaming platforms in the world, has begun work for a new platform. Following the growth of Disney Plus and the entry of HBO Max and Amazon Prime into the competition, Netflix seems to aim to offer more privileges to its subscribers.

It turned out that Netflix has prepared a survey for some customers for its new platform N-Plus . This project called N-Plus is defined by the company as follows : N-Plus is an online platform where you can get more ideas about your favorite Netflix original content and learn all the details . It will contain “How To” videos, podcasts, user-created playlists.

This platform will most likely compile videos broadcast on Netflix’s YouTube channel on a separate platform and offer extra new content . One of the most striking among those mentioned is that you can create a list. You will be able to create your own movie list and share it with people. We can say the same in the style of playlists on Spotify.

You can also find all the music related to the productions on this platform. For now, it seems that this platform does not require extra fees, but when all the details are explained in the future, we will receive more precise information . 

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