Netflix enters the gaming industry

Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming platform, seems to be entering the gaming industry. According to the latest reports, Netflix wants to hire managers who have experience in the gaming world. 

Although the competition among video streaming platforms has increased in recent days, Netflix is ​​clearly ahead of the others. However, Disney + in particular is approaching Netflix with big strides . Netflix is ​​obviously trying to grow things. 

Netflix Seeks Experienced Managers from the Game World

According to the latest reports published in The Information, Netflix wants to enter the game world . Netflix wants to hire some executives with experience in the gaming industry , according to recent job postings . Although there is no clear statement, it is also stated that Netflix is ​​in contact with important names from the game world. 

What exactly Netflix’s project is , unfortunately, is unknown, but this is not Netflix’s first game attempt. They had played Dark Tactics and Stranger Things games before,  but both were bad . We will see more clearly how willing they are on this issue in the future.

We know that Netflix is ​​very enthusiastic about making game series and movies apart from game trials. Assassin’s Creed is currently preparing adaptations of Cyberpunk 2077, The Division and many more games.

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