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Mozilla permanently removing FTP support from Firefox

After a one-year delay due to concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, Mozilla announced that they have disabled FTP in version 88 of Firefox and will remove it completely in version 90.

Around the same time that Google removed FTP access from Chrome in April 2020 , Mozilla announced it would remove it from Firefox. Mozilla planned to disable this support first and remove it in a later version .

FTP authorization will be given to third party applications

Support on the Nightly and Beta channels is currently disabled and will also be disabled in the stable release with the release of Firefox 88 on April 19, 2021 . Support will be completely removed in Firefox 90 . After disabling FTP , Firefox will grant the external application authority to the ftp: // protocol to open connections, just like other protocols .

FTP uses the plug- in for the interruption Nightly Mozilla in the long term, developers use FTP from the extension of the waiver recommend. However, developers who want to continue using FTP as long as it is enabled are recommended to use the browserSettings API to check whether FTP is enabled . 

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