More than 200,000 pre-owned PS5s sold in the US: average price $ 573

PlayStation’s second-hand sales in America have exceeded 200,000 with the latest data. The average price of sales is 573 dollars. 

Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 5, has been around for about six months, and it’s still hard to find a console. There are several reasons for this, of course. Although the main reason is not being able to produce consoles due to chip shortage , pirated sales are also very effective in this case. Recently, the number of second-hand PS5 sales in the United States was announced.

Used PS5 Sales More Than 200,000

According to the latest data, more than 130,000 second-hand PlayStation 5 have been sold so far on the popular online shopping site StockX in America  . While 83,000 of these sales are the normal PlayStation 5 version, 55,000 are the digital version of the PlayStation 5 . The average price of the regular version is 573 dollars , while the price average of the digital version is 531 dollars. Among these sales, there are actually second hand sales as well as black market sales. Because in the first months of the console, second-hand sales prices were around $ 900 , which is approximately twice the real price of the console. In short, there is a decrease in second hand prices.

Let us remind you that 130,000 sales are made only through StockX. It reported that over 60,000 second-hand sales were made on eBay in the past months . Other sites, with the language, this number exceeds 200,000. In fact, many more sales have probably been made, but the available data show 200,000 for now.

PlayStation 5 stocks, on the other hand, unfortunately seem to continue like this until 2022 .

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