MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro is much smarter

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro comes with details such as the industry’s first artificial intelligence supported dual processor, 4000Pa suction power, smart room recognition, 5200mAh battery.

There was a good news for the robot vacuum cleaner world at the event where Xiaomi introduced the Mi MIX Fold foldable phone model. MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro seems to push the competition much further.

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro features and price

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro is the most powerful vacuum cleaner of the ecosystem brand. For the first time in the industry, it includes the AIoT processor that contains 4 cores and 2 artificial intelligence cores developed for robot vacuum cleaners.

On the front of the device, there is a camera system called binocular detection system. In the upper part, there is a laser navigation system. With the data obtained from these systems, artificial intelligence learns to avoid obstacles and not to fall.

Another advantage of the system is that it can define the room according to the furniture it maps while cleaning in a room. Normally, the user had to do this by entering the room name in the application. Thus, the user does not need anything. In addition, artificial intelligence can detect floor types and adjust the water released from the water tank.

Thanks to its 4000Pa suction power, the robot vacuum cleaner can also absorb large-sized dirt and can vacuum 250 square meters with a battery with a capacity of 5200mAh. The $410 price tag was set for the MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro.

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